Tuesday, 17 January 2012

worry wart

There's maybe an inch of snow on the ground, and I'm wondering if today is the day The Other Half doesn't come home because he's gotten himself hospitalized.  Does that seem a little extreme?  Of course it does.  Even to me.  That doesn't mean my mind isn't revolving around the repercussions of a car accident in my family.

If I were a superhero, my name would be Worst-Case Scenario Girl.  If the hijinks I get myself into don't end in one, well my brain is fixated on what would happen if it did... I read internet articles and wonder who around me will eventually axe murder me one day.  I notice the tub needs a cleaning, and wonder what horrible bacterial infection I've given my daughter by making her bathe in it.  I see a beetle scuttle across the floor, and image search cockroaches, and bed bugs, which inevitably leads me to Youtube videos of necrotic spiderbites from across the world, wherein, I take my glass of wine and sit rocking and humming in a corner.  Daily life on this vicious rock can be enough to give a girl the thousand yard stare.

I'll admit it, it's probably stupid.  And 99.8% of the things I worry about will never happen to me, or most of the people I love.  It's that .2% that's left that eats at me...

What's your .2%?

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  1. I do this exact same thing. "Oh, a semi-truck is barrelling down the road towards me... what if it hits me and they have to call the ambulance? I hope they realize I have a baby with me. I would want them to pump me so she could still eat. Will they call tim?" and on and on and on